About Thyme with Tina

Hi There,

I’m Valentina, but most of my friends know me as Tina.

I’m the cheerful soul who’s here to bring you all the vegan goodness and interesting stories on this blog.

My passion for healthy living started 10 years ago, back when I was navigating the maze of Uni life. It was then that I first got into the world of nutritious eating, well, kinda. I did live on gummy bears a certain period of my university life 🙂

After moving to London and getting my Nutrition advisor diploma, I spent a good chunk of my free time experimenting with food, collecting wholesome recipes, and helping people make better food choices. You could say I’ve made it my mission to help you embrace a diet that you genuinely love and make it into a lifestyle more than a chore.

Why vegan?

Thanks to health issues such as IBS, high cholesterol and anaemia from a young age, I was desperate for a dietary change. I began my journey as a vegetarian and, six months later, decided to go fully vegan. It’s been over seven years now, and I feel better than ever, physically and mentally. The knowledge that no animals are being harmed for my pleasure is profoundly rewarding, and I’ve chosen to share this experience with you to help you discover the same sense of fulfilment.

Moreover, being vegan has motivated me to go further and embrace a more mindful approach to living and taking care of my mind and body. Besides embracing intuitive eating and focusing on my eating habits, in the past three years, I found a way to work on my mindset and heal my emotional side through journaling and meditation. it’s one of the most profound ways to meet yourself and work through your challenges and triggers.

My Education

Becoming a certified nutrition advisor has been a real labour of love for me. I’ve really gotten into nutrition, excited to discover the ins and outs of good-for-you foods and the key to living a healthy life.

My diploma is certified by the Association for Nutrition (AfN), and I specialise in vegan nutritionholistic wellnessweight loss management, childhood nutrition, obesity prevention, and behaviour change coaching.

Vegan Nutritionist – Services

As a certified vegan nutritionist and holistic wellness coach, I’m here to help you reach your best version of yourself—emotionally, physically, and mentally. Sometimes, what we eat, not just what we put on our plates, but also what we listen to, read, do, and who we surround ourselves with, is really important.

Shifting your diet from animal-based to vegan can come with pressure from society. Your family, friends, and colleagues will start noticing and feeling like your choice is also theirs. You may feel challenged and regret making any change.

Well, hold my leaf! Don’t give up. Let’s go through this together.

Get in touch and let’s start your vegan journey!


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