Vegan Nutritionist

The mindful approach to your eating habits

As a certified Vegan Nutritionist (AfN), Mindful Eating and Behaviour Change Coach, I’m here to help you become your best self emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Shifting your diet from animal-based to vegan can come with some challenges. From not knowing what to eat to feeling the pressure from society. You may feel challenged and regret making any change.

Well, hold my leaf! Don’t give up. Let’s go through this together.

My passion for a mindful, vegan lifestyle goes beyond personal experience—it’s about helping you thrive, too. Whether you’re new to veganism or looking to improve your dietary choices, I will provide tailored advice and support.

Why do you need a vegan nutritionist?

  • You started your vegan journey but could benefit from more information on navigating daily challenges.
  •  You started your vegan journey but are facing challenges with your eating habits.
  • You wish to embrace more mindful and healthier eating habits.
  •  You wish to take charge of your weight.
  •  You are facing social pressure related to being or going vegan.
  •  You are looking into going vegan but don’t know where to start.

What can you expect?

  • Initial phone consultation (free of charge) – 30min – We will go through your needs, eating habits and target goals
  • Weekly 45-minute video or WhatsApp calls – Tracking your progress, advice, accountability, and additional materials.
  • Daily Whatsapp or email support

The Vegan Nutrition Service Package Includes:

  • Personalised Guidance – Tailored advice to meet your dietary needs, goals, and preferences, taking into account factors like age, activity level, and specific health concerns.
  • Personalised Vegan Meal Planning: I will help you create balanced and delicious vegan meal plans that provide all essential nutrients and satisfy taste preferences.
  • Vegan Recipe Suggestions – I will share various vegan recipes and cooking tips to make plant-based meals enjoyable and easy to prepare.
  • Cooking and Food Preparation Skills – Master vegan cooking techniques and food preparation to become more confident in the kitchen.
  • Vegan Shopping list – Guidance on stocking a vegan-friendly kitchen, including ingredient lists and shopping tips, depending on your location.
  • Label Reading – Reading food labels to identify vegan products and avoid hidden animal ingredients.
  • Health and Wellness Support -Addressing specific health concerns, such as improving digestion, or enhancing athletic performance through vegan nutrition.
  • Vegan Transition Support – Advice and support for individuals transitioning to a vegan lifestyle from a non-vegan diet.
  • Behaviour change coaching – mindset shift, setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals, creating action plans, tracking progress, and providing accountability.

As a vegan nutritionist, I will provide the information, support, and guidance you need to achieve your goals and live a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.

The Cost

Initial Consultation

30-min phone call

Free of charge

Package of 5

5 x 45min video/ call

Whatsapp support

£240/ €280

(Pay in total or two instalments)

Package of 10

10x 45min video/call

Whatsapp support

£420 / €490

(Pay in total or three instalments)

My Education

My nutrition diploma is certified by the Association for Nutrition (AfN), and I specialise in vegan nutrition, behaviour change coaching, weight loss management, childhood nutrition and obesity prevention.

Why vegan?

Due to health issues such as IBS, high cholesterol and anaemia from a young age, I was desperate for a dietary change. I began my journey as a vegetarian and, six months later, decided to go fully vegan. It’s been over seven years now, and I feel better than ever, physically and mentally. The knowledge that no animals are being harmed for my pleasure is profoundly rewarding, and I’ve chosen to share this experience with you to help you discover the same sense of fulfilment.

Moreover, being vegan has motivated me to go further and embrace a more mindful approach to living and caring for my mind and body. Besides embracing intuitive eating and focusing on my eating habits, in the past three years, I found a way to work on my mindset and heal my emotional side through journaling and meditation. it’s one of the most profound ways to meet yourself and work through your challenges and triggers.

My biggest goal for my clients is to reach their highest potential and live their lives to the fullest in every aspect of their being.

Get in touch, and let’s create new habits!

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